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We are moving into the year 2024 and optimism about the demand for top-notch aluminium die casting continues to escalate, pushing the boundaries of innovation.

Out of the vast array of manufacturers, some have emerged as the strongest in this arena, thanks to cutting-edge technology and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Marcus hi-tech Engineering is one such remarkable name. With its state-of-the-art facilities equipped with advanced aluminum die casting machines and a highly skilled team, Marcus sets the standard for excellence in the industry. 

Another leading player is Indian Diecasting, renowned for its precision engineering and ability to deliver complex aluminium parts with utmost precision. These manufacturers, along with a select few others, are truly the trailblazers in the aluminium die-casting realm, continually pushing the limits of what is possible and solidifying their status as the top players in the market for 2024 and beyond. Here we will look at some of the aluminium casting manufacturers, changing the landscape of die-casting.

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Future of aluminium alloy die casting

The future of aluminium die casting is positive. Multiple reports on the aluminium casting industry in India suggest that the market for die casting products will increase at a considerable rate, and might be doubled by 2030. The report also added that while the USA will remain the top player, aluminium manufacturers in India will play a pivotal role.

Analysts are optimistic that technological advancements will only help the market and increase the CAGR. Currently, the market is projected to reach multi-million USD in the next 5-7 years. India aluminium market alone reached a staggering height of 3.96 million metric tons.

Benefits of Aluminium Die Casting

Aluminium die-casting is a process of creating metal goods. The process of die-casting is popular because of the benefits of aluminium. Goods produced with die-casting are mainly used in the aerospace, defence and automobile industry due to the following reasons.

  1. Corrosion Resistant

Almost every metal part is prone to corrosion, however, Aluminium is different. Corrosion happens with oxidation, most metals, when exposed to air, find themselves in a process of oxidation. Aluminium creates a layer of protective oxide that prevents it from oxidation and thus makes it corrosion-resistant. One of the reasons why aluminium pressure die casting is considered where exposure of elements is a concern. 

  1. Long Lasting

Aluminium die casting is known for strong and durable parts. The aluminium die casting process provides robust parts owing to the injection of molten aluminium into a mould, which is left to cool off and solidify. This process furnishes rugged parts compared to other methods such as machining or injection molding. As a result, the demand for aluminium suppliers is rising.

  1. Recyclable

What’s more, Aluminum supports recycling. Multiple reports confirmed that approximately 75 – 80% of all aluminium is still in use. Aluminium die casting is preferred where sustainability or stability is a concern. Due to its recyclable properties, Aluminum is cost-effective in the long run. The aluminium die casting machine is made to support recyclability.

  1. Lightweight

Out of all the non-ferrous materials, Aluminum is one of the lightest. As a result, aluminium pressure casting produces lightweight parts without compromising durability. This makes it ideal for applications where mass is a concern and good weight-to-strength is needed to be maintained. Aluminium also helps in smooth textures.

Aluminium pressure die casting

Top 10 Aluminium Die Casting Manufacturers of 2023

CompanyLocationServing IndustriesWebsite
Marcus hi-tech engineeringIndiaAutomotive, Hydraulic, Electrical, Healthcare and Pneumatic.Marcus hi-tech engineering
Cnclathing Junying Metal ManufacturingChinaSemiconductor, Aerospace, Agricultural, food, marine, and more.Junying Metal Manufacturing
ArconicUSAAerospace, Automotive, construction, industrial solutionsArconic
Right casting India private ltdIndiaAutomotiveRight casting India private ltd
Indian Diecasting industriesIndiaHouseholds, Automobiles, Auto-electricalsIndian Diecasting industries
DynacastUSAAutomotive, Consumer Electronics, Telecommunication, and medical equipment.Dynacast
ConmetUSAConsumer vehicleConmet
ZetwerkIndiaTransportation, Aerospace, Construction, Energy, Consumer electronics, and more.Zetwerk
PHB INCUSAElectronics, Electrical equipment, Automotive, Transportation, Medical, Aerospace, and more.PHB INC
Empire die castingUSAAerospace, Household, Medical, Electronics, Food, and more.Empire die casting
Manufacturers of 2023
  1. Marcus hi-tech engineering

2023 is the year for Marcus, they came out on top with their exceptional product line along with the trust they have built for over 5 decades. They are an IATF-certified global name specialising in aluminium die casting, Zinc, and lead casting. In 2023, Marcus hi-tech engineering is the first choice for the production of components for battery, Pneumatic, EV, and automotive parts. The skill and experience of the company enabled them to compete globally with operations in multiple countries, some of which include the USA, Mexico, India, and Australia. Marcus is also one of the biggest aluminium die casting manufacturers in india.

  1. Cnclathing JunYing Metal Manufacturing Co. Limited

Established in 2005, Junying Metal Manufacturing deals with machining parts for over 100 clients. The company is based in China with a global presence in multiple countries. The product line includes aluminium, alloys, stainless steel and casting parts accompanied by services such as drilling, tuning, and heat treatment. The China-based company serves in the Aerospace, Agricultural, Automotive, and communication industries.

  1. Arconic

Arconic is one of the oldest aluminium die-casting manufacturers in the world. The company started doing business in the year 1888, serving for more than a century now. They are also known to make some of the most durable aluminum die casting materials. Arconic’s products are used in the aerospace, defence, transportation, building, and construction industries. 

  1. Right Casting India Private Limited

Located in Tamil Nadu, India, Right Casting is one of the aluminium and gravity casting companies in India. The company was established in 2001 and deals in Aluminum Die Casting, Brackets, Aluminum Components, etc. The company is ISO 9001: 2000 certified and adheres to global quality control and environmental norms. The company is a mid-sized aluminium die-casting company exporting in various countries for more than 8 years now.

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  1. Indian Diecasting Industries

“Indian Diecasting Industries” is one of the leading zinc and aluminium gravity die casting companies. Backed by a polished infrastructure facility, the company is into casting manufacturing as well as warehousing, in-house quality testing, and packaging units. The company was incorporated in 1964 in Uttar Pradesh, India, and produces parts for households, automobiles, auto-electricals, lighting, and more. They are also focusing on exports and growing their presence in countries like the USA and China.

  1. Dynacast

With the experience of over 80 years, the company is known for its low-cost aluminium die casting products. Dynacast also possesses a strong global presence, the company is operational in 16 countries with 21 manufacturing facilities around the world. Some of the world’s best-known names such as Samsung, Bose, HP, and Motorola are clients of Dynacast. 

  1. Conmet

Conmet is a prominent name in the field of consumer vehicles. Founded in 1964, Conmet is a global die-cast manufacturer producing mainly automotive products. The company received multiple awards for its quality and performance. The headquarters of Conmet is in Vancouver, Washington, U.S.A. The company also has more than 12 manufacturing units in various countries such as the USA, Mexico, and China. Conmet is both IATF and ISO-certified.

  1. Zetwerk

Zetwerk is one of the biggest die-cast manufacturing companies. They deliver their product range in more than 20 countries. Apart from die-casting, the company offers services such as Extrusions, Injection moulding, CNC machining, and Assemblies. Zetwerk also possesses a robust supply chain management system which allows them to increase their presence globally. Industries where Zetwerk serves include Transportation, Energy, Industrial equipment, and Consumer electronics.

  1. PHB Inc.

The manufacturing capabilities of PHB Inc. are far more than aluminium die casting. The company is competent in zinc die casting, CNC machining, Tool and die design, and quality checks. PHB’s main office is in the United States, Pennsylvania. They have close to 100 years of experience and as a result, they have one of the most powerful client portfolios which includes the US military as well.

  1. Empire Die Casting

Empire was originally an Aluminum plant in Ohio but later transitioned into a Zinc and Aluminum die-casting company. Empire Die Casting was founded in 1948 and since then has served in Aerospace, electricals, Military, power tools, Medical, Oil, Tier 2/3 automotive, and more. The company also offers zinc die casting, miniature zinc casting, and machining. Empire die casting carries both IATF and ISO certifications.

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The Bottom Line

Aluminium is a very good metal for die-casting, it produces corrosion-resistant as well as durable engineering parts. Although it is mainly used in the automotive sector, its applications in household appliances and other sectors are also growing. Aluminum die casting India has also picked up pace and is reaching new heights day by day. With such growth, the Indian market of Aluminium die casting may beat the market of developed countries such as the USA.

Since lightweight and durable parts are most looked after in the industrial sector, it is no surprise that the demand for aluminum manufacturers is growing. With ever-increasing demand, it has become crucial to have a casting company on your back. 

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